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House Whip Mike Hager Discussed NCAE Priorities Friday

The powerful legislator said he enjoys his legislative relationship with NCAE


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Rutherford County NCAE discussed with House Whip Mike Hager the issues facing public education and the General Assembly this legislative session at a restaurant in Rutherford County Representative Hager took all questions and gave a thorough update on happenings in the General Assembly.  For information on how you can set up regular meetings with your legislators, contact linda.gunter@ncae.org.  

Rep. Hager, and the entire General Assembly, received the following legislative priorities and requests from NCAE at the beginning of the 2013 legislative session.

Salary Reform - Collapse the 36-step teacher salary schedule and make a commitment to competing with neighboring and southeastern states to recruit and retain the highest quality teachers.  Pay educational support professionals a living wage that reflects the awesome responsibilities these important employees have each day -- protecting and educating North Carolina students.

Let Teachers Teach -  Strengthen the School Improvement Teams so local schools can make local decisions on how best to serve students in a community.  Return the power to make a school calendar to local school systems.  Provide a duty free instruction planning period and lunch time for all teachers; and eliminate unnecessary reporting and repetitive data entry requirements. 

Fair Dismissal Protections - In all discussions about reforming tenure for teachers, preserve due process rights, enact whistle blower protections, and preserve teachers' professional and ethical responsibilities to advocate for children. 
Retirement - Fully fund the annual required contribution to the retirement system and provide a cost-of-living adjustment to retirees.  Maintain the current defined benefit plan.


School Safety - Provide school resource officers in every elementary school; increase school counselors and school social workers in middle and high schools; provide classroom alert systems for every classroom that communicates directly to local law enforcement.
Charter Schools and Virtual Charter schools - Proceed with caution, and include accountability measures that will prevent fraud, abuse, and misuse of taxpayer funds found in other states.


Educator Voices with JROTC Richard Suggs on Tuesday



 DPB Films visits Master Sergeant Richard Suggs (Retired USAF), who changes the lives of his high school students by giving discipline, structure, and love. Suggs has also experienced tragedy as the reality of preparing young people for a military at war hit him hard this past summer. Through it all, Sgt. Suggs presses on as he works towards his goal of bettering our world. 

Educator Voices with JROTC Instructor Richard Suggs premieres Tuesday, February 26.

A sneak peek of Educator Voices with JROTC Instructor Richard Suggs will be shown tonight on DPB's twitter page:  www.twitter.com/NCAEsDPB









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